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It tastes right for a reason.

We are a family ranch specializing in restoring grassland with professional grazing, and raising healthy, high-quality, grass-finished beef.

grassfed, grass-finished beef. regenerative agriculture. soil healthy beef soil and grassland. Grass finished beef is high in cla and omega 3. Our regenerative grazing program is healthy for the environment and biodiversity. carbon sequestration healthy beef local alberta beef grass-finished southern alberta beef. we raise good angus beef in the foothills of southern alberta. we offer free delivery to calgary alberta and lethbridge alberta. order quarters and halves. organic natural natropath hormone free antiobiotic free humane animal welfare keto paleo carnivore crossfit alberta fitness family kids mom camping waterton national park 



Beef CAN be grass-finished and taste amazing! It is an art and takes highly nutritious grass, correct animal handling, and good genetics coming together on nature's schedule.We raise Red and Black Angus cattle. Our herd has been built around the ability to stay fat and healthy on grass alone...



Located near Pincher Creek in Southern Alberta. We have a passion for raising happy beef, riding good horses, and making healthy vibrant soil and grass. We love our community. We love God.

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