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 The crew at Fishburn is passionate about healthy soil and leaving the land better every time we touch it. Animal performance is also a focus and when done correctly the two complement each other.


Benefits of Intentional Planned Grazing


-Plant diversity and organic matter increase steadily.

-Healthy grassland can absorb and store much more rainfall making it extremely drought resistant.


-No need for pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer. Chemicals kill bio-diversity and leave soil starved and dependent on the same expensive product year after year.


-Limited equipment usage. Ruminant animals are an amazing tool, they can do it all!


-Wildlife and native plant species return.


-Plant spacing tightens up making each bite more efficient.


-Herd health becomes excellent as the cattle have a consistent diet of fresh clean forage, and the water point is moved often leaving fly larvae and parasites behind for the birds.

-The cattle get accustomed to being moved and handled and become tame.

 ...and countless more

Exploring Potential
An opportunity for constructive conversation on a working, regenerative ranch

 Over the years we have had many mentors and attended countless courses and seminars including; Holistic Management, Ranching For Profit, Bud Williams, John Lyons, Sid Cook, Don Campbell, Jim Gerrish, Jaime Elizondo, Alan Savory, and many many more.

 Possibly even more influential are the conversations we have had over coffee, across a tailgate, or riding behind a herd of cows with fellow ranchers who have open minds and share their ideas and experiences.

 The term "Regenerative Agriculture" is getting worn out, but we firmly believe that those who succeed in the ranching world going forward will be the ones who take a honest look at the economics of their businesses and the value of working with nature and not hiding behind props such as inherited land, subsidies, off-ranch income, and chemical inputs.

 We are extremely grateful for everyone who has shared their wisdom and experience with us. We're enthused about the opportunities that we see for ranchers and we want to make ourselves available to anyone who might have questions or need a place to bounce ideas around.

 We want to provide an opportunity for you to come to our ranch, see our successes and mistakes, and have the freedom to discuss precisely what you are interested in. The agenda will be yours!

 Exploring Potential at Fishburn Ranch

  • We decide on a day that works for both parties.

  • You come as early as you like and take a ranch tour.

  • We spend the remainder of the day focusing on the topics you are most interested in. 

  • The cost is $200 per day and $25 for each         additional person.

  • We provide all meals.

  • If you like it and want more, we'll provide free lodging in the ranch house, and we can do it again the next day.

 Our goal is to provide an open, unintimidating environment where you can address your specific questions with all the time you need and nobody else's agenda to interrupt.

 Here are some examples of topics to discuss...

  • soil health

  • animal nutrition

  • horsemanship

  • stockmanship

  • pasture health

  • bale grazing

  • temporary and permanent fencing

  • paddock design

  • water development

  • compost

  • grass-fed beef

  • genetics development

 We will not have all the answers but we are passionate about exploring these topics. After 30+ years of experience we realize more than ever that there is always more to learn. Our ranch is a real life display of results, positive and negative, from the numerous theories, methods, and infrastructure that we have experimented with through the years.


 If you think you can learn something by visiting us we would be thrilled to have you!

 Call or text 403-627-9887 or email to set up a date or get more information.

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 Healing and improving pasture with professional grazing management is our passion. We are interested in every opportunity to work on new properties. If you are a landowner and have a long-term vision of sustainability for your grassland, give us a call. We are confident that there is a win-win partnership possible that will give you assurance that your property is gaining value, and us the pasture to raise more beef for the world!

 We are also interested in opportunities to manage cattle for owners that are looking for options. We have lots of experience running custom cow-calf pairs, yearlings, and custom winter feeding.

 Casey 403-627-9887

 Galen 403-627-9696

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