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 Beef CAN be grass-finished and taste amazing! It is an art and takes highly nutritious grass, correct animal handling, and good genetics coming together on nature's schedule.

 We raise Red and Black Angus cattle. Our herd has been built around the ability to stay fat and healthy on grass alone. We believe that many individuals and families understand the health and wellness benefits of grass-finished beef, but are disappointed by the eating experience when they get their hands on some. There is a reason for that and we understand it. Unlike many of the grass-"fattened" animals out there, our cattle consistently finish with exceptionally high marbling and lots of fat cover.

 Our grazing program ensures that the cattle always have abundant energy-rich forage in front of them. We put a lot of thought and energy into raising happy, low-stress beef. The animals are professionally slaughtered, processed, and packaged by our local and provincially inspected butcher shop. Our goal is to provide truly delicious, truly healthy, natural beef at a reasonable price.

 We sell by the whole, half, and quarter; or talk to us about live cattle or custom order options. 


UPDATED PRICING. Not to keep beating on this drum but...the price of everything went up, ours did too. We've done some things with our bulk pricing that hopefully will be of some value to you.
  GO BIG. The bigger your order, the better the price per pound, so banding together with friends or neighbors to get a whole($6.00) or half($6.25) is a better deal than buying individual quarters($6.50). These prices are per pound of the hanging weight.
COME GET IT. We will will qive you $100 off if you pick up your order yourself from the butcher shop or the ranch.
FREE CAMPING. We want to offer each of our bulk customers a free camping opportunity on one of the designated locations on the ranch. These are undeveloped spots and there are lots of variables throughout the summer, but it's free, available, private, and a chance to experience life on the ranch! If you're interested let us know, obviously if this is wildly popular we may be in over our heads with managing it all!

QUARTER BEEF-  95-105 lbs cut and wrapped     $1220.00


HALF BEEF-          200-240 lbs cut and wrapped   $2340.00


WHOLE BEEF-     420-450 lbs cut and wrapped    $4500.00

*these numbers are approximate, each animal and cutting order has variations.

 These prices include all regular butchering fees. (extras such as jerky, smoking, vacuum-packing will be an additional charge.)


All beef is packaged in brown paper and ready for the freezer.


Whole and Half beef orders are fully customize-able. Quarters will be cut to Fishburn's Standard cut list which gets you all of the top steaks, a nice variety of roasts, and a bunch of top quality lean ground beef. A quarter takes up 3-4 cubic ft. in a freezer.


Our animals finish with enough back fat to allow a 21 day hang. This is rare with grass-finished animals and optimizes tenderness and flavor. Beef will be available to pick up at 20 to 30 days after the butcher date.


A down payment will be taken to secure your order: Qrtr-$200, Half-$400, Whole-$800.



 We also try to keep a good selection of meat in the freezer to sell by the cut. Check out our price list and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Give us a call, email, or text to place an order and confirm availability.


Hi there! 

 We are Casey and Jaclyn, the ones behind the beef sales here at Fishburn Ranch. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or just to talk about beef raised well.

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